Adverse Event Recording.

sceen1Calmonicare has a comprehensive adverse event recording system.HIQA

Each event form is made of a series of steps which follow the organisation hierarchy like a standard paper form. Each step is made of a series of questions, descriptions and actions. Each form is fully customisable by management or by our developers.

Forms are organised like work flows and can follow different paths depending on decisions.

Typical reports include: Incident, Accident, Drug Errors, Complaints, Safeguarding, Right Restrictions, PRN Administration.

The system can be configured to alert different people in the organisation depending on answers to specific questions.

Calmonicare offers full form edition traceability, so if an answer is modified post signing, all relevant parties are informed of the change.Work flow chart eg.

Official HIQA forms can be generated directly from the event reports, streamlining reporting and improving delays. Each form has a PDF version allowing for the report to be printed out at any time.

Each event can be linked to one or more service users or none at all. Events can also be linked to a specific service or to one or more other events.

Documentation can be also added to the event to cover third party letters like doctors letters, insurance requests, referenced pictures.

Each step is actively monitored and task ownership can automatically be reassigned if no action is taken.

Access to event report is also tightly control and are limited to those involved, depending on relevance, content privacy issues, organisational roles. Further restrictions can also be applied for sensitive information.