Management features

Freedom of information tool.

FOIThe freedom of information tool can collect all data related to a service user and organise them in an archive ready for a response or redaction. All data are re-organised in easily readable files, sorted and labelled. All documents are also downloaded and organised automatically.

Options and access.

accessloopMost aspects of the system can be customised by management. CalmoniCare allows management the flexibility of setting different access levels for every part of the system to every role. Specific restrictions can also be lifted temporarily for allowing specific staff, roles or services to access data they normally wouldn’t have access to. For example social worker intervention may be limited to only social worker staff, but they may decide to allow access to an event for 24h to a specific manager.


swapStaff can set delegation of their duties to one or more colleges, during leave. This allows continuity of service and targeted notifications and reminders. This feature can be set either by staff or by management.


chartCalmoniCare has two report systems: user created reports and fully customised reports. Staff can create reports of multiple types (list, charts, time based…) on any data in the system using preconfigured views. Views relate to different features of the system, and all data are accessible but limited to the staff scope. Upon request new highly customised reports can be created to report in specific formats or on specific congregated data.

Staff Management

staffStaff are linked to clients through services. Staff can be created, transferred, removed, have multiple roles, multiple services. Staff credentials can be modified individually or in groups. A synchronisation tool is also available to mirror existing IT systems like Active Directory. Fully historical data is kept, allowing viewing of staff's past service allocations.

N.I.D.D. Integration

hrbThe system manages all relevant data for the National Intellectual Disability Database (NIDD). Reports and export files are automatically generated to update the national database, keeping data synchronised at all time.