Application features


DP white100Given the type of data, security is of prime concern. CalmoniCare uses the latest security frameworks and is constantly updated. Unlike desktop or device based applications, CalmoniCare is regularly serviced. The application is tested by independent third party security analysts. Server access is significantly limited and application access is built on layer upon layer of security checks. Staff access is tightly controlled and limited to data relevance. Several deployment options are available depending on the organisation IT requirements.


loudspeaker1Adverse events like accidents, management approval requests or reminders all require staff notifications. CalmoniCare has several notification levels, ranging from simple messages to internal message boxes, to signed notifications with emails or text messages.


serverCalmoniCare is a Web application based on technology. It is accessible from anywhere on any device regardless of end user technology. It’s access is tightly controlled and can be further restricted.

Training and support.

TraningTraining is available, as part of customer support. Either on site in small group sessions, in large presentation sessions, or with on demand video. Custom documentation is also available. Administration support is available to help admin users tune their settings, correct and adjust data.

Data integrity and organisational integrity

integrityData integrity is key, and follows all logic in relation to service user chronological events. For example, notifications are transferred when staff responsibilities are transferred. Safeguards are in place to prevent alteration of events which would compromise chronology or would be inconsistent with service provisions. The system is however flexible enough to allow error adjustment.

Staff access

StaffaccessStaff access is controlled by roles, service user, service provision and specific service user assignment. For example, a frontline staff can only access data related to service users who are assigned to services to which the staff is linked to. Two staff with identical roles in the same service may have different access levels to a specific service user data, depending on their responsibility toward this service user.

Accountability and traceability.

TracabilityEvery action in the system which alters data is recorded in a user log. Calmonicare offers full traceability over every record. This allows viewing the history of modifications of any specific record, action, reviews and decision. Full user login details are also recorded; further securing access control and helping to identify training needs.

Legacy data Management.

LegacyMost organisations have data in legacy systems. Because Calmonicare is fully customisable, historical data can be uploaded to Calmonicare to be made available alongside new data. This allows for continuity of service and better staff efficiency. Legacy data is vetted for data integrity before uploading.