User features

Adverse Event Recording

Sceen100Calmonicare has a comprehensive adverse event recording system.

Each event form is made of a series of steps which follow the organisation hierarchy like a standard paper form. Each step is made of a series of questions, descriptions and actions. Each form is fully customisable by management or by our developers. Forms are organised like work flows and can follow different paths depending on decisions. Official HIQA forms can be generated directly from the event reports, streamlining reporting and improving delays.

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Standard Tables

Standard Tables are used to store all standard data related to services users. These are fully customisable and unlimited. They can cover for example: service user’s contact list, employment records, community participations, medical diagnostics, heath reviews, medications, physiotherapy…

Personal goals and life planning

poBased on the same system as adverse event reporting, this tool allows staff to assess service users personal goals and support needs in order to achieve his/her potential. These can cover multiple aspects of their life such as residential needs, community integration, relationships, services, work, safety…

Person Centered Support Plans

CalmoniCare has a comprehensive Person Centered Support Plan system. Support plans and implementations can be based on workflows, office document template (Word, Excel …), built charts and more. This is used to assess the needs of the person supported. It can record assessment implementations and reviews. Support plans are developed with the person and support network, to assess needs, develop plans, implement plans, monitor plan implementations and review plans.

Dash board

The dash board provides an organisational and personal overview of statistics, tasks required, notifications and upcoming events. Typical features include:

  • List of open forms ready to review and sign,
  • List of upcoming and overdue reviews,
  • List of adverse events for a given period.
  • Short cut to frequently used reports and frequently used tools.

Daily notes

dailynote100Daily notes are used to record day to day service user activity and small events, so that all staff can be aware of service users current needs. Each entry can be classified and linked to any other part of the system like standard tables, events, reviews…